Archana 2017

  • May. 06, 2017
  • Fred Kavli Theatre
  • Tickets: $129.00, $84.00, $49.00 Student/Senior: $29.00
2:30pm: Snacks and tea in the park at the Civic Arts Plaza
3:30pm: Program seating

Continuing with a 23 year tradition, IFA – a local non-profit organization - offers Archana 2017, a highly entertaining cultural program featuring more than 200 local performers.
Archana showcases India’s cultural richness and diversity through folk dances, songs and drama. Guests will feel transported to India for a fun-filled cultural evening. Archana also serves a higher purpose: to highlight IFA projects to empower the poor all across India. Archana is expected to attract about 1000 guests and raise more than $200,000.
Archana 2017 takes place on Saturday, May 6th at 4 PM in the Fred Kavli Theater in the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. Tea & Indian Snacks before the show at 2:30 PM at the Park at Civic Arts Plaza.

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