Ticketing Policies

Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
Bank of America Performing Arts Center
Ticketing Services and Policies

Welcome to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza’s Bank of America Performing Arts Center. As indicated in the Performing Arts Center License Agreement, there are three ticketing options available for events at the Bank of America Performing Arts Center’s Fred Kavli Theatre and Janet & Ray Scherr Forum:

  • Option I - Full Ticket Printing and Box Office Services
  • Option II - Ticket Printing Only
  • Option III - No Civic Arts Plaza Box Office Services

Please review the following guidelines, limitations and costs associated with each of these options to determine the best for your event. If you have any questions, the box office contact number is (805) 449-2787.

Option I - Ticket Printing and Box Office Services

Event Setup and Programming Rental Cost- Kavli Theatre: $1050 per performance; Scherr Forum: $235 per performance

Guidelines & Benefits:

1) Event Setup and Programming

  • If desired, box office staff is available for house scaling advice and recommendation.
  • Ticketing program information must be submitted directly to the box office no later than ten (10) working days prior to the expected on-sale date of your performance.
  • Required program information: Performance date, time, title, house scale (pricing), discount pricing (special offers), on-sale date & time, seating holds, event description, photos and/or artwork for promotional use (see promotional benefits below.)
  • Please note - A facility service charge of $4.00 is added to the price of each ticket sold for events at the Civic Arts Plaza. Keep this in mind when determining your ticket pricing.
  • Two (2) lines of print are available on the ticket for your event. Each line is holds a maximum of 25 characters including spaces and punctuation.


2) Ticket Sales

  • Tickets are made available for sale through the Civic Arts Plaza Box Office on an in-person, walk-up service basis.
  • Box Office ticket selling hours are:

            Tuesday - Sunday: 12noon - 5:00p.m. (Open through Curtain on performance days)

  • On Monday performance dates, the Box Office will open 5 pm through Curtain - call to confirm.
  • Box Office will remain open until ½ hour after curtain to handle walk-up sales, will call, seating situations (lost tickets, unexpected accessible seating, relocations, etc.)
  • Ticket information is available through the box office information line: (805) 449-ARTS (2787).
  • Telephone ticket sales are handled by Ticketmaster’s charge line.Customers may call:(800) 745-3000
  • Internet sales are handled through Ticketmaster's Web-site at: www.ticketmaster.com  (Ticketmaster on-line receives over 10 million unique users monthly)

PLEASE NOTE - All tickets sold through Ticketmaster (by telephone or internet) are subject to the Civic Arts Plaza’s $4.00 per ticket facility charge, plus applicable credit card fees and Ticketmaster service charges. (The box office can provide a listing of Ticketmaster fees.)

  • Methods of Payment available for customers are as follows: Civic Arts Plaza Box Office - MasterCard, Visa, AMX, Cash Local checks will be accepted with proper identification only if there are at least 15 working days prior to the event.

Please Note: On final show settlement there will be a deduction for credit card purchases through the box office of 3% for MasterCard & Visa* and 3.25% for AMX*. (*subject to change)

- Ticketmaster Phone Service - MasterCard, Visa, AMX and Discover Card
- www.ticketmaster.com - MasterCard, Visa, AMX and Discover Card

3) Sales Reporting and Tracking

  • Sales Figures can be automatically emailed to promoter on a daily or weekly basis (up to two email addresses)
  • If requested, a final Box Office Settlement along with “gate count” will be provided approximately one (1) hour after curtain.

4) Event Promotion

  • Once your ticketing information is received and an on-sale date is determined, your event will be added to our printed Calendar of Events which is distributed in front of the theatre, at the box office window, at information areas at City Hall and the City Manager’s office, at the Thousand Oaks Libraries, and mailed to patrons on request.

It is through this piece that your event will also be:

- Included in the event listing on TOTV (channel 10)
- Included in the Calendar of Events found on our web-site www.civicartsplaza.com. A short paragraph explaining your performance along with a photo would be helpful in our ability to sell your event properly.
- Listed on the marquee located in front of the theatre (timing and duration of exposure subject to system space restrictions.)
- Added to the Civic Arts Plaza Phone Information System. (Implemented as we get closer to the actual event date due to system space restrictions.)
- Included in one (1) to two (2) email blasts to over 60,000+ collected addresses (time permitting)
- Social Marketing:Facebook &Twitter
- Inclusion in Ticketmaster’s online distribution channels (outlets, phones, and on-line) provides valuable traffic and exposure for your events. Ticketmaster on-line receives over 10 million unique users monthly!
- Should your event need additional assistance with moving tickets, discount offers may be offered through the Ticketmaster Ticketdeals Network* at no additional cost - allowing to discreetly move excess inventory at a discount to member organizations or employees of large corporations.

*The Ticketmaster-established network currently reaches more the 34 million consumers, and includes such partners as American Express and Federal Express, who actively merchandise available offers to their members or employees.

5) Ticket Printing - Consignment Tickets

Along with tickets sold through the Box Office and/or Ticketmaster, consignment tickets may be printed for promoter sales. Once event is up and available:

- Please call at least 24 hrs in advance to request tickets and arrange for pick up.
- All tickets will be printed with either the full price or 0.00 (complimentary) amounts. Specify which is needed prior to their printing.
- Consigned tickets may not be sold through any third party computerized ticketing company or system (as stated in Civic Arts Plaza user agreement.)
- Unsold consignment tickets may be returned to the box office at least 24 hours prior to the event in order to put them back into the system for advance sale.
- A list of names and locations of tickets sold through your consignment must be provided to the box office at least 1½ hours prior to curtain - this will allow the box office to assist those patrons with ticketing issues or lost tickets the night of your performance.

PLEASE NOTE - All SOLD consignment tickets WILL incur the $4.00 facility charge.

- Consignment moneys collected will be retained by and the responsibility of the promoting group. However, the $4.00 facility charge per ticket fee will be deducted from the final settlement. This figure will be based on consignment sales numbers reported to Box Office by promoter at least one (1) hour prior to curtain.
- Complimentary tickets WILL NOT incur the $4 facility charge. Please notify Box Office at least one (1) hour prior to curtain with the number of consignment tickets that were utilized for complimentary purposes.

  • On events ticketed by the Civic Arts Plaza Box Office, the box office will handle all consigned Will Call paid tickets.

- Tickets should be placed in envelopes with Last Name, First Name clearly printed in the left hand corner.
- Please list on the outside of each envelope the seat location and number of tickets included in each envelope.
- Any consigned tickets returned for C.O.D. (cash on delivery) will be put back into the system in order to handle the sale.

6) Other Considerations

  • To assist you with your VIPs and/or cast members, you may arrange with the Box Office to have tickets placed at will-call for pick up.

- You may fax your requests to the Civic Arts Plaza Box Office at (805) 449-2777.
- Please state whether tickets are complimentary or list the credit card with expiration date that should be charged. We are sorry we cannot accept checks or C.O.D.’s on VIP orders.
- Tickets will be made available for pick-up no earlier than 90 minutes prior to the performance.

  • One (1) individual from the presenting organization should be designated as the authorized ticketing contact. To avoid confusion and streamline communication, all ticketing activity between production and Box Office will be handled through this designated individual.
  • Children are welcome at most events, however, every patron must have a ticket regardless of age, including infants. As a courtesy to other guests, patrons are asked to bear in mind that it is not appropriate for small children to attend events where silence is necessary to fully enjoy the performance. It is unfortunate, but complaints often come from patrons who are disturbed by sitting next to those with small children. Please inform your guests the Civic Arts Plaza will require the purchase of a FULL priced ticket for all infants and/or lap children prior to entering the theatre unless the performing group has arranged for a discounted price to handle such situations.

Option II - Ticket Printing Only

Printing Cost - Kavli Theatre: $300 per performance. Scherr Forum: $85 per performance


  • Presenters who wish to handle ticket sales themselves may elect to have the box office print tickets for their event (see printing costs above.)
  • Tickets may be printed in either general admission or assigned seating formats.

- Events utilizing assigned seating must have tickets printed through the box office.

  • Ticketing program information must be submitted directly to the box office no later than ten (10) working days prior to the desired date of pick up.
  • In all cases, tickets may not be sold through any third party computerized ticketing company or system (as stated in the Civic Arts Plaza usage agreement.)
  • Production group MUST have a ticket table set up and manned by production staff beginning 1 hour prior to curtain, through intermission (or 1 hour after curtain if there is no intermission.)
  • Productions opting out of utilizing box office services will not incur the Civic Arts Plaza $4 per ticket facility charge.

 A reminder - Children are welcome at most events, however, every patron must have a ticket regardless of age, including infants.

Please note - by opting out Box Office Services, inclusion on the Box Office phone information listing and the Theatres marquee are not available. Limited listing on the Civic Arts Plaza Website, Calendar of Events and TOTV Calendar of Events.

Option III - No Civic Arts Plaza Box Office Services